Happy New Year !

Our Lessons Of 2017, And What To Look Forward To In 2018
How REAN(Renewable Energy Association Of Nigeria) Supports The Solar Service We Get
Happy New Year !

Today is day One, and the start of the New Year! It is a great time to be alive!!

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Pop the champagnes! Beat the Ogenes (gong), and Gangans (Talking Drum)!

Let the good times roll!

The Almighty has given us another opportunity to lay our paths straight again.

He created the times and seasons for a reason.

After Spring comes Summer,

Then Autumn,

And then Winter…

After the Raining (Or Monsoon) Season comes the Dry Season (or Harmattan).

Each of them have their purpose.


However, you can drop the first brick and determine how you want the next 364 days to look like.

A review of the past year will serve to remind us of what we did best, and what we should do better.

Think back and reflect on it. There must be one or two things you and I need to put in order.

It’s not easy. Thanks be to God, the Almighty. Ekene dili chukwu. Oluwaseun. Nagode Allah.

Meanwhile, let the celebrations continue. Solynta Energy rejoices with you!

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