Our Lessons Of 2017, And What To Look Forward To In 2018

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Happy New Year !
Our Lessons Of 2017, And What To Look Forward To In 2018

History never repeats itself for nothing. There is always reason.

One of the major reasons for that is for us to learn from the past,correct our mistakes and make the right decisions.

The popular saying that-“ a fool at forty, is a fool forever”- speaks volumes.It is a time bound statement implying that for a period of time under the age forty, an individual should be able to learn as the years progresses but if not able to do so by that age,may mean that he or she is a lost case.

What is the point we are making here? Time is of the essence. And as it goes by, we should  learn and improve on our activities. Our approach to issues, problem-solving and solution derivations should also change as well.This also includes the choices we make. Our choice of recreation,investment,relationships, and habits need to be reviewed regularly for better outcomes. And of course, our choice of power generation is not left out.The inconveniences of today and the previous 364 days should pass with 2017.


May Inconveniences like noise,smoke(polluted – air),rising cost of power and device maintenance e.t.c should not be left out in the list

A popular Ibo proverb says “Echi di ime” (which means – tomorrow is pregnant) portrays a cultural view of the future and how important it is when planning. Our decisions of today should serve as the bedrock for the successes and achievements for tomorrow.The great men of today were once ,the nobodies of yesterday.But they all put great effort in their planning of yesterday,made the needed sacrifices, which later translated to the later successes you and I see and admire today.

As a last note from 2017,lets also not forget the popular saying that ‘Rome was not built in a day’.

With careful planning,they laid the bricks of their successes and were later rewarded with centuries old empire.

May all our desires be fulfilled in this new year,and may all our inconveniences and regrets pass with 2017.

Solynta Energy welcomes you to 2018 in a grand style.We wish you success and this is your time to shine! Ekaabo, Nnoo nu, Maraba, Bienvenue!!


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