Top Seven Health & Environmental Benefits of Solar

Solar energy is fast gaining acceptance and usage across the country due to its numerous obvious benefits. However, there are many misconceptions around the technology and its usage. We will be addressing 7 major myths around solar energy in this article.

1. Solar only Works in Sunny Environment
It is still commonly believed that solar energy only operates in homes and businesses that are situated in warm and sunny environments. In fact, solar panels harness the sun’s energy and not its temperature. What this means is that solar panels work as well in cold climates as they do in warm and sunny climates. This fact has been proven by Germany, a country that experiences cloudy weather regularly but is the world leader in solar power.

2. Solar Panels Cause Damage to the RoofAs strange as this myth may be, a lot of people believe that solar panels cause leaks and weakening of the roof. In fact, the roof is actually protected and preserved by solar panels. They provide a layer of shield from erratic weather such as extreme heat, heavy rains and wind.

3. The Cost of Installing Solar Panels is Too Expensive
One major reason why some people have been ignoring calls to go solar is because they believe that the cost of installation is too high making it unaffordable to power their homes or businesses on solar. Solar does require some initial investment but in the long run the savings make it worth it.

4. Solar Panels Are Expensive to Manage
Solar panels have no moving parts which makes them very reliable and reduces wear and tear. They also require limited maintenance. With its average 25-years life span many owners simply rely on rain to help wash off any dust during Hammattan.

5. Solar Panels Are An Eyesore on the Roof
Solar panels not only give your property a modern appearance but also add more value to the property commercially. Solar panels coming in two types such as Mono crystalline and Poly crystalline giving you an option to choose which design you prefer on your roof.

6. It Can’t Provide Power At Night
It’s true that Solar panels only absorb energy during the day when the sun is up, but they provide power at night via the batteries which store the energy that has been generated during the day. The energy stored can power the house all night long.

7. Solar Panel Installation Prices Are Not Flexible
With the country’s economy as it stands, a lot of people are cautious of the cost of going solar. It seems expensive but with solar companies like Solynta Energy that have created different plans you can go solar without financial stress.
If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of installing a solar energy system at home, read our blog for more information or contact us.

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