Top Seven Health & Environmental Benefits of Solar

Solar vs Generator –Which is best for you?

One of the major reasons why Solar continues to be attractive is its provision of a cost-effective long-term power solution. Especially when compared to noisy generators or erratic power from the national grid. This has gradually led to a rise in the demand – tipping it to be the future mainstay of power generation in the continent. However, reliability and cost are just some important advantages. Solar also has health and environmental benefits. What are they?

Health and Environmental Benefits of Solar

 1.Solar emits no fumes or smoke  which is a major source of environmental pollution and health problems . This is  unlike petrol or diesel generators

2.Solar does not emit mercury– Coal power emits mercury which pollutes streams, rivers and other water sources. Solar is a cleaner and safer alternative

3.Solar panels produce no emissions . Petrol and diesel in generators contain small quantities of sulfur. When released in the air these can travel long distances before reacting in the atmosphere to form sulfuric acid — harming forests, cropland, lakes and rivers.

4.Solar does not produce thermal pollution – Conventional power plants are cooled by water from nearby lakes and streams. This can raise the temperature of water enough to disrupt aquatic ecosystems

5.Solar panels do not require much space -Power plants and huge generators require special location arrangements. Solar panels don’t require mass clearing of land or vegetation as they can typically be installed on existing structures with minimal impact on the environment .

6.Solar does not degrade buildings – The fumes and emissions from generators can stain walls and fences leading to unattractive discoloration of buildings and entire neighborhoods

7.Solar does not disrupt wildlife – Installing Solar in neighborhoods and the community is safe and non-harmful for birds and other moving animals as it is non-obstructive and emission-free in nature

 These are some incredible benefits of solar for our health and environment  and they make switching over highly desirable.

If you haven’t thought of clean energy or 24-hrs electricity, why not go Solar today?

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