How Solar Ensures efficiency in schools and Educational institutions

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How Solar Ensures efficiency in schools and Educational institutions

Constant electricity is critical for educational institutions and Solar Power can provide this with ease. Solar guarantees that teaching staff and children can get on with the important business of learning without the risk of power outages that can be disruptive. Solar Power usage  also eliminates additional electricity cost that would have otherwise been burdensome for a school in this harsh economy

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A few schools choose to go completely Solar, however the majority,  like the renowned  Greensprings School, incorporate Solar in phases starting with a few key buildings.



Here are the most popular school areas for Solar:

a.Computer labs: These are rooms for training pupils/students in computer appreciation and usage. The key items that require power are fans, light, desktop computers or laptops.

b.Science Labs: These are laboratory rooms where scientific experiments are carried out.Electricity is needed to power fluid and fans, lights and a range of apparatus for scientific experiments.

c.Engineering labs:These are laboratories for conducting engineering-related experiments.Electrical circuits,drills         ,wood cutters e.t.c. all need power to function


d.Art Studios: These are studios for training pupils/students in the field of fine arts,drawing,cinematography and      filming,e.t.cThe studio lights, special cameras, microphones, recording equipment all need electricity


Other places within the school environment that require constant power are general classrooms, assembly and dining halls, staff rooms and dormitories.

Considering Solar for your school?


  1. Book an assessment/consultation with a solar power provider
  2. Get a full understanding of the investment you are making and return on investment
  3. Ensure warranty and maintenance guarantees are in place
  4. Enjoy the financial and practical benefits of having constant and affordable power for your institution.


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