Why Solar is a Suitable power option for frozen food Business

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Why Solar is a Suitable power option for frozen food Business

It is an observed fact that frozen food business requires huge effort , energy ,and money to

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run.According to some experts,this accounts for why it is a high risk venture.

Also the nature of the business (as regards  items being traded – which in most cases are perishables) needs proper storage.

This makes it a very expensive type of business to run.

However,there are a few things  that are important to note for the business to survive.

Apart from good location,  good storage facility should be available .

This could range from refrigerators,deep freezers and cold rooms.

These are very important as unsuitable temperatures could damage the food items –especially fish and poultry meat being the most vulnerable


What’s the minimum level of frost that is needed?

For Most foods to maintain good quality for a longer period, the freezer temperature should be between -23 to -28°C(atleast)*

These temperatures need to be maintained for a minimum of 12 hours a day(24 if possible)

Unfortunately, such level of power supply is non-existent and can’t be guaranteed by the National grid.

Generators can barely work that long without breaking down.

This leaves us with no  better choice than to make use of a renewable such as Solar.

The reason is because solar can RELIABLY guarantee 24 hours electricity!


What Level of Solar power is needed to ensure cooling takes place at the least?

This will depend on energy assessment carried out by an expert.(Click here to view energy assessment.)

For  an average refrigerator, a 2kw Solar Home system is needed

For a deep freezer, a 4kw Solar Home System is needed

For Cold rooms, it will depend on their capacity (a proper energy assessment will still need to be carried out)

With proper regulations,Solar has been confirmed to provide the level of frost needed for frozen food business.

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