How to discover solar installer that will specifically fit your needs

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Making the switch to solar power is a big change. More people are doing it because they recognize solar power’s unique ability to save money long-term, lessen their stress and household’s impact on the environment.

There are companies that provide solar reliable clean solar power, like Solynta Energy. The goal is to find the right solar installer for your home. To make things a little easier,

Solynta has a diverse engineers nationwide, all who receive specialized training to install Solar power. However, the following questions can help you decide on which solar installer may specifically fit your needs:

Do you know someone who has already installed solar? That person could tell you a lot about what they’ve learned and which company to recommend.

Where can you get other recommendations? Homeowners can find helpful reviews online i.e social media handles.

What is a solar installer’s track record? Experience is key when it comes to installations.

How many local installations has this company done?

Will they do the work themselves, or will it be done by a third party?

Also, ask pointed questions about the experience of everyone on the crew. You want to make sure they’re up to the job and won’t make rookie, cost-cutting mistakes – like using a template solar system when a customized one is needed.

Keep in mind that if you choose Solynta Energy has your solar provider, the majority of these questions will be answered for you immediately via our online platforms or by visiting our office.

Another way to decide on which solar installer is right for you is by weighing financial options with them. There is more than one-way to pay for a full solar home solar system, and there is more than meets the eye about the solar system’s sticker price. You will want to work with a solar installer you can trust to provide just the right balance. Using the following questions will help:

What are the financing options? What are their available payment plans? Your solar installer can help you weigh which one matches your profile.

Is a solar system worth the money? Nobody wants to pay more than they have to. But with solar, just looking at the initial price of a system does not paint the full picture. Work with your solar installer to find the system that meets your energy needs and determine the right price for your home. The amazing thing is the fact that with Solynta you can get installed without incurring initial deposit.

What kind of warranty does the system have? Find out what the warranty covers and for how long – both from the installer. Solynta offers a four-year warranty on all installations and your solar panels can serve for over 25years.

A final factor to take into consideration is the actual installation process. Full solar home solar installation normally takes one to two days. But there’s a lot of work that goes into getting ready for it.

Solar installation engineers will handle things like permitting, rooftop surveys and other important duties including working with your homeowner. Once the work

Picking the right solar installer is a big decision. Get the right provider, and you’ll have a customized solar system that fits the needs of your house and helps you save on your utility bills over time. To get started with our system sizes click HERE


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