How to Troubleshoot a Solar Home System

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How to Troubleshoot a Solar Home System

Although Solar Systems perform greatly when it comes to power generation,they are just like any other device – and sometimes require some form of maintenance.

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Most standard Home Systems come with an average of 20 years warranty and therefore, issues relating to factory fault or defect of one of the systems is not likely to occur.

However,due to connection with the local grid supply some form of breakdown or challenges may come up.And as a result,they require timely intervention to avoid total breakdown.What are they?

No Power or Zero Output:This occurs as a result of a faulty charge controller,or inverter.A bad solar panel can also result in the no power production at all.

In a case of such occurrence,it is prudent to reach out to the manufacturer(if still within warranty period) or get help from a qualified technician.

Low Voltage Problems:

There are some set of issues that occur that in-turn result to the low voltage experienced namely:

A) Delamination: This occurs as a result of moisture or liquid entering the electrical circuit which may result in current leak.

Advice:Loosen and Sundry the circuit

B)Bad Connection: Low voltage can occur as a result of poor connection.This may come up as a result of improper wiring.

Advice:Get help from a technician to fix the problem

C) Shading from Trees:When Solar panels are placed under the shade of trees,radiation is likely to be low which in-turn results to reduced voltage output.

Advice:Cut off the tree branches creating the shade.Or re-install panels in an open uncovered area.

D)Drop in Temperature:When there is a drop in temperature,it has been observed to result directly to low voltage.

This occurs in countries that have high temperatures(with wintry conditions) and temperate climate.

Advice:Monitor the rise in temperature,and ensure sun radiation is trapped in properly working batteries.Avoid wastage of power use.

In addition to the above if  you are unable to personally rectify the problem,of it gets out of hand,consult your qualified technician for professional support.


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