Solar is the Antidote To Fuel Scarcity-Professor Boyo

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Solar is the Antidote To Fuel Scarcity-Professor Boyo

A Professor of Physics,Mrs Boyo,gave the advice at the 65th Inaugural lecture of the Lagos State University (LASU). While speaking to newsmen,she explained that it is a good alternative to Oil  because of the level of Sun Nigeria receives. Averagely about 1,831.06TWh of Solar energy is gotten annually from the sun – an  equivalent of about 1.082 million tons of oil which is about 4,000 times daily crude oil production.

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She also  said that the current power supply from the national Grid experienced was epileptic and insufficient to cater for the power  needs of the country.

Professor Boyo urged the Federal Government to embrace renewable energy(such as Solar) and also encourage its presence by creating legislations that would make it attractive for investment.And that the government should create structures that would serve as pillars  to foster the Solar industry as well.

She also stated that since solar energy can be generated with less effort ,every basic household should have an installation and that more research should be done about the sector and reported to the Renewable Energy Centre for the appropriate utilisation of such knowledge.

If the above recommendation is heeded by the Government,it could further improve the embrace of Solar on a national scale and ensure that electricity is available at the ground level.




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