How You Can Avoid Being Held Hostage By Fuel Scarcity In The New Year Celebrations

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How You Can Avoid Being Held Hostage By Fuel Scarcity In The New Year Celebrations

As we eat our dishes of fried rice and chicken, we should  remember that this season’s celebration is a yearly event and that in  another twelve months from now(with exception to the easter celebration), another one  would occur.We should pinch ourselves to wake up to the reality of the cyclical Nigerian fuel situation.Efforts are being made but with little tangible  results.It is a cycle that has  plagued the country and is difficult to break free from.

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However, a wise individual  knows and follows  the right path . Observing the yearly trend, he /she knows that it is safer to seek a long-term alternative that would not be handicapped by the current situation.

Remember that if plans are not made to hedge against the challenge at hand,it becomes a repetitive mistake.

Also, if we smartly check  our expenses this Xmas season, we would observe that it is usually the highest made through  out the entire year. Could we have slashed these expenses by a good fraction? Could we have saved the extra monies we spend unnecessarily on fuel?

If we remember the price of petrol as at last year, it was about 100/Litre .Today,it is N145/litre(without scarcity) and N220(with scarcity).Tommorrow or next year,who knows how much it will be? Maybe higher or even double the present amount?The current situation needs no soothsayer to interprete it. It is a trend that has continued for years and will need a reasonable amount  of time and troubleshooting  to correct.

While it is our prayer that  government comes up with a timely solution, overdependence on that  hope is likely to be a sheer waste of time.

However common sense dictates that with pro-activity, one could actually bypass the troubles of this  situation. How?A very sound alternative that could ensure this – renewable energy(Solar especially).

Check your pockets and analyze your spending on fuel.With the current economic trend,you are very likely to spend similar amount or more next year and subsequently.When you quantify the total spend over a period of five to ten years, you begin to realize that a one-off payment or choosing a plan will reduce your expense for electricity and save you monies you could have used to purchase other valuables or even invest in assets .


Really, why continue to spend on a yearly basis infinitely(because you must put fuel in your generator for it to work) when you could actually pay one-off or within a short time-frame and never have to think of cost at all?

Also,maintenance is barely needed and one doesn’t need to worry about being held hostage again by the ugly situation.

Some residents have been wise enough and have proved themselves smarter by having their Solar home Systems installed.




They have all being victims of this situation last year,and they have decided they won’t face it again.

You too can.The courage to sit down,do your calculation and finally take that decision may appear to be tasking – but is a life saver.

Lastly,there is a popular saying – ‘the higher you go,the cooler it becomes’.If you plan well and take that wise decision early in time,you save yourself and loved ones of the problems encountered today as a result of this ugly situation.The new year is approaching,what plans have you made to avoid a repeat occurence?


Merry Xmas,and Happy New Year in advance!


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