Tips on How to Get The Best of Power Supply this Xmas Season

How Nigeria’s fuel scarcity is threatening the fun of the Xmas Season
How You Can Avoid Being Held Hostage By Fuel Scarcity In The New Year Celebrations

A stitch in time saves nine. But if you ask my opinion ,I’d say 99+.why?

Decision making is a process that progresses as a sequence. Wrong decisions along the line tend to deviate outcomes from the tracks of success.if  for example you have been building a house with bricks and you place the wrong size of brick on the pile,it could crumble it or bring all down.The same goes for your plan this xmas holiday.

If you have made plans to celebrate it within a certain time frame, or at a certain location with constant electricity supply,have you ensured that the vehicle or machinery you put in place to accomplish it is working or would work?Especially when you want it to?

Sincerely speaking, not only is the truth bitter- but disappointment is as well.The need not just to make plans but to  also ensure they work is important. You intend to have electricity/power supply as you conduct your party over-night but are constrained by fuel-scarcity or generators that would only provide you with only ten hours of power supply which you must put them off at some point to avoid machine break-down. You also expect your local power supply to support your efforts with atleast one or two hours of power supply only to get blinks of not more than twenty minutes.

Your careful planning for the event has been side-tracked by holes put there as a result of faulty options in the system. As it is often said, a market is not entered into through a single road. There are usually multiple channels in. Imagine if you had considered other options such as renewables(Solar,wind,hydro).These can provide  you with 24 hours electricity. Solar in particular can conveniently do that all year round with very little sunshine. You will also avoid the inconveniencies of generator use(noise and carbon/air pollution) and barely experience power failure. Really, this fact is worth pondering over.


As you buy your xmas chicken,goat,cow,ox(or whatever will add flavor to your menu) please remember that you have power options that could support your fun at a long-stretch. And before the economic imbalance begin to scale up the price for them, it is only smart and wise to opt in early. By so doing, you could avoid wasting a lot of money this season for hiked fuel price and generator maintenance.

There is a common slogan that says ‘if you plan to fail, you fail to plan’. Plan ahead to have more fun and avoid  holiday black-out.

Happy Xmas Celebrations!

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