*Mr Laurent Polonceaux(French Ambassador to Nigeria) says that Nigeria must focus on solar, gas power to improve its GDP*

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*Mr Laurent Polonceaux(French Ambassador to Nigeria) says that Nigeria must focus on solar, gas power to improve its GDP*

Mr. Laurent Polonceaux (The Consul General of France in Nigeria),has advised  the  Nigerian Government to seek alternative sources of energy as a measure to combat the electricity problem in Nigeria.

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At the 2017 French week economic summit organized in Lagos,he said that power remains a crucial pivot of  growth in any economy in the world. And that power outage (which is characterised by lack of effective power (electricity) supply)  should be looked into.

He said that power plays a very vital role in the economic transformation process and   that doing business becomes very easy when there is steady and affordable  power supply.  Praising the federal government for combating the power/electricity issues that are crippling business activities in the country,he mentioned that economic issues related to finance and importation  can be resolved with constant and steady power supply.

Through a major research conducted in the country,a report stated that over 50% of businesses operating in Nigeria stated lack of power supply as a key challenge stalling the smooth running of their businesses.

The Consul-General analysed the latest World – Bank Ease of Doing Business ranking that currently places Nigeria at 145 saying that if Nigeria with it’s current power challenge sits as the giant of Africa, imagine a Nigeria without power challenge and urged the Federal government through the Ministry of Power to  focus on alternative power sources like solar, gas power and other green alternatives. Meanwhile,in an official statement issued at the end of the submit,he said that there are more opportunities than challenges in the power sector in Nigeria and that there is a need to look at the challenges of the power sector in Nigeria as creating opportunities for construction and energy.

He said that the country is battling with ministerial portfolio and legacy issues that pose a challenge to being able to take up the opportunities that are available in the Nigerian economy – especially in the power sector. If such a  measure is applied, he stated that it will aid growth and development and that the country’s G.D.P. will automatically be boosted.


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