Top Eight Solar Panel Installation Tips You May Not Know About

*Mr Laurent Polonceaux(French Ambassador to Nigeria) says that Nigeria must focus on solar, gas power to improve its GDP*
*Newly created Solar Cell Coating(Glass micro-particles) improve overall solar panel efficiency and reduce over-heating*
Top Eight Solar Panel Installation Tips You May Not Know About


1. Meet with a Professional/Consultant who is experienced and knows the process.

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2. Do a calculation of how much energy you will need and how long  you want it

3. Check within your compound or property to see if you have enough space for the installation process.

4. Review different solar home system plans and decide which is best for you. You could actually check available ones *here*

5. Do an analysis and background check to see how the solar panels of the system plan   you’ve selected can fit in to the space you’ve allocated for it.

6.Create a financial budget to bankroll your chosen plan and keep a tab on it.

7.Ensure that local or state government rules are not violated when installing your Solar system.

8.Do a study to find out if there are any special rebates on pricing or if there are tax rebates from the government for abiding by installation rules and regulations.



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