Nigeria and The U.K. to Collaborate on Solar Programme

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The UK Government (Department for International Development) in collaboration with the Nigerian Government has created and implemented the Solar Nigeria Programme to help improve power supply of communities  in lagos state and Northern Nigeria .
The bedrock of the scheme is to provide huge amount of funds to support solar electrification in schools,hospitals and local communities.The essence is to ensure they have power in their homes as most of them may not be connected to the national grid,and may be unable to generate renewable electricity by themselves.


In order to execute the scheme effectively,the Programme offers financial grants to capable companies that provide solar products, services or financing to consumers to help rapidly expand their capacity to meet up with the increasing market demand. These companies also manufacture, install, and finance solar energy systems in Nigeria on a regular basis.
The programme was launched in 2014 to support the market for distributed solar energy in Nigeria. It is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), and collaborates with other donors such as Nigeria’s federal and state governments.
One major advantage of the scheme (apart from providing electricity) is that through this funding, solar companies will be able to reach more customers via expansion and create more employment along the way.

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