The Future of Solar In Nigeria

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Having one of the biggest economies in Africa (with a population of more than 182 million people), Nigeria is considered to be a big market for power generation.With about 55% of the population not connected to the national grid (that’s about 90 million people),and a huge percentage also dependent on fuel generators,its territory is fertile and attractive for investors who want fill the gap with solar products.Little Wonder, the Nigerian government and the private sector are gradually moving towards  taking advantage of this opportunity in the country.

As a result of the above,Solar  systems are currently being installed on an increasing basis.

But for the end-user, the option of a pollutant-free,noiseless and easier to maintain alterative is the catch and

holds a greater appeal .

However as more citizens continue to adopt solar,there are some likely occurence bound to happen:

1.The demand for  solar home systems and products will increase, as the sensitization for them  increases.A lot of solar companies are carrying out campaigns and seminars to update the general populace on the  value of solar.And this as a result is contributing immensely to the level of purchase of the products.


2.As demand increases and investors and suppliers flock to the market to fill the need,the prices for Solar products  will significantly drop -just as is the case with the telecommunications industry.

3.There will be more regulation for importation and sale of solar products:

Currently there is lack of proper regulation for solar products.Different standards are being imported into the country without any form of check from the government.

But as time goes on there will be  awareness and  gradually,checks will be put in place to regulate the importation of solar products.

4.With the passing of time,local production of solar systems and products will be initiated as investors would want to reduce costs of importation for them and increase their profits as well.







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