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Since we launched our Zero Money Down Solar product in March we have received a high number of enquiries and orders. To help you better understand the order process here’s our FAQ detailing exactly how it works.

Why is there a waitlist?
Due to the  high volume of requests for our Zero Money Down Solar product we operate a waitlist. This is on a first-come first-serve basis. Only customers who have joined our waitlist will be guaranteed to get their Solar Home System at no deposit.

How long is the wait?
The average wait is up to 8 weeks from receipt of your installation fee. However, your wait time is dependent on a range of factors including how quickly you complete and return your application form and the necessary supporting documentation. During your wait time you will receive a weekly ‘order update’ via SMS and email.

What supporting documentation will I need to provide?
You will be required to provide documentation that confirms your identity and your location for installation. Our financial partners also require that we assess your ability to meet the monthly repayment amount to avoid the risk of default.

How can I get ahead of the queue?
We operate a fair policy. All customers are assigned a waitlist number after payment of their installation fee. Customers are served according to their place in the queue.

Why do I have to pay an installation fee?
You are not required to pay a deposit for your Solar Home System equipment or even a delivery fee. However, a nominal installation fee does apply to partially cover the labour costs of getting your system connected.

Do I have to pay my installation fee all at once?

No. You can split your installation fee in two payments.  However, we must receive the full amount before we deliver your equipment.

What type of payment options do you accept?
Payment of your installation fee can be made by bank transfer or bank deposit. Your monthly repayment is made via Flutterwave – a secure and automated payment platform.

Can I change my order after paying my ‘installation fee’?

Yes. Please note that your installation fee is only refundable if we delay your order and you wish to withdraw, or in the unlikely event that we cancel your order.

What should I expect on the day of delivery/installation?
We typically deliver your Solar Home System before your installation is due to take place. Our Customer Service Team will notify you of your delivery and installation schedule.

Who can I contact if I have any queries?
Our dedicated Customer Support Team is available to assist you with any queries. To speak to an advisor please contact 0909 156 6603 or email support@solyntaenergy.com.


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