Proper Maintenance of Solar Inverters

Proper Maintenance of Solar Panels
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Proper Maintenance of Solar Inverters

A very vital part of a solar power system is the solar inverter. It is the component which converts the direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into alternating current (AC). It’s this alternating current which powers your home or business appliances.

Each component of a solar power system has its own primary function. Solar panels are specifically for absorbing energy derived from sun light. It is the inverter which converts this energy to electricity and powers your home/ business. Electric power not consumed by your appliances is either stored in a solar battery, or transferred to the grid.

The above lays emphasis on the importance of the inverter – without it, your home or business will not be powered. It also gives analytical information to assist in identifying operations and maintenance to fix issues of the system. An inverter works with the direct current absorbed by panels, the conversion process is done with the help of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors.

There are various types of inverters. Here are a popular few

  • Micro-inverter:

This type of inverter alters power at the panel. That is to say, that conversion of current from DC to Ac is done at the panel level. These inverters monitor every panel as they function. The use of this type of inverter allows each panel to work independently. They are used for both residential and commercial purposes

  • Battery based inverter

This is arguably one of the most popular types. Battery based inverters function with the support of a battery and a charge controller. When the inverter converts current, unused power is stored in the batteries and the charge controller ensures that the batteries are not over charged.

What makes this type of inverter stand out is that they assure nonstop operation, they handle power from the grid as well as panels while supplying solar batteries with power to be stored up in times of emergencies

  • Hybrid Inverter

A hybrid inverter is also called a multi-mode inverter. It allows for plug in of batteries. This means, that it can function with or without solar batteries. The method of interface for this type of inverter is known as direct current coupling

Caring for every part of your solar power system is of utmost importance. Here are some tips to follow when caring for your solar inverters.

  1. Ensure that your inverter is not in contact with water or dust. Check periodically to ensure it does not overheat.
  2. Avoid unnecessary touching of circuits as this component conveys electricity
  3. Your inverter must be installed in a well shaded and ventilated area
  4. Installation must be done by professionals or engineers.

Your inverter plays a vital role in the powering of your residence and should be well tended to. However, it is important to lay emphasis on the need to avoid unnecessary contact or touching of this component – remember that it conveys electric current. Should you notice any abnormalities or over-heating, contact your solar providers

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