What Customer Service Means To Us

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What Customer Service Means To Us

Customer Service Week is an internationally celebrated event which highlights the importance of customer service in businesses or organizations as well as customer service personnel.  It is usually celebrated annually during the first week of October.

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The advent of customer service week was in 1992, when the US pronounced it as an event to be nationally recognized. Soon after, various companies and countries across the globe began to mark and celebrate the event. This year, our theme for the Customer Service Week is “Dream Team”. With a logo adorned with the colors; blue, red, white and yellow.

At Solynta Energy, customer satisfaction is of utmost priority. With the best and highly cultured customer personnel on our team, we aim to please and resolve any issues that may arise as we render our services to residences and businesses across the country.

Our standards

When it comes to customer service at Solynta we:

  • Act with integrity

Integrity is one of core values in our organization and maintaining transparency and honesty in the course of every interaction is our way.

  • Offer the Best

When it comes to products and service, we top the game ensuring that all your solar needs are met, and any complaints are attended to swiftly

  • Listen and understand

The best way to solve any issue, is to first, understand it. At Solynta Energy we go the extra mile to understand any situations which may arise and contain it quickly while ensuring that the interest of customers is of topmost priority

  • Respect Diversity

Regardless of the age, race, tribe, religious background or gender of an , we treat everyone with respect. We understand the importance of individual differences and preferences and in no way discriminate such differences. Whatever they may be.

  • Strive for Improvement

We are constantly in search of better ways to improve customer satisfaction. From ensuring all solar products are of the best grade, to increasing payment flexibility, to maintaining healthy interaction with our customers. We are on top of it all.

Here at Solynta Energy, we acknowledge how important our customers are to us. And this week of (and every other day of the year) we show appreciation to our esteemed customers.

Customer Service Week 2020

This year we celebrated customer week via an e-greeting with all our esteemed customers. We also held a virtual call with some of our customers, the CEO, management team and customer services personnel.


Customer Feedback

“Wow wow… This amazing I must say

On behalf of my family circle am saying Gracias for the E-plaque infact thinking that I already had enough after meeting you guys went ahead and shocked me with this and the goose pump encircling my body wount go away LOL.

Honestly, am honored and I appreciate you guys for noticing my tiny contribution and being part of Solynta I always be happy and I will spread he word to my friends and infact I will run an advert on Facebook, IG with my own little money so those who are yet to know my awesome Solynta must come and be a part of the family so their lives will be powered by the sun.

My words are  few but heartfelt I could go on..

I will print my E-plaque and place on a wall really wish if it was hard copy and I don’t mind coming over to the island to get…

Grateful and next customer week I give even more experience, a good one”

-Smith Oct 8, 2020, 3:23PM

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