Solar Power makes life easy for football fans in Nigeria as the 2018/19 season kicks-off

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Solar Power makes life easy for football fans in Nigeria as the 2018/19 season kicks-off

It’s an old age story in Nigeria, football fans eagerly anticipate the start of the new football season. Whether it’s La Liga, The Premier League or The Bundesliga the story is the same, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of seeing what your club can deliver this time around. However, for Nigerian fans the announcement of new players, new signings and new stadiums is met with the challenge of homegrown erratic power. Any true Nigerian football fan has experienced the great frustration of light being taken at the most critical point of a match or worse still never being brought in the first place. Those with deep pockets face the expense of fueling their generator to watch the match then jacking up the TV volume just to be able to overcome the decibels of noise produced by their petrol or diesel fueled machine.

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How big is this problem? According to FC Nigeria, Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid have between 1-2 million fans each. In fact, these figures are highly conservative as Arsenal alone has 38.6 million Facebook followers in Nigeria. These supporters share the same dilemma of how they can watch the 2018-2019 football fixtures with ease and affordability. Satellite companies such as DSTV, Kwese TV and Go TV have laid the foundations by offering streamed football via their various channels.  The question is, once you’ve signed up for a cable TV package, what next? How do you power your television? Thankfully, Solar Power is offering major relief and it’s a dream come true for football aficionados across the country.


A Solar Home System provides an off-grid solution that comfortably powers any home for 24-hours a day. Football fans can easily run their TV viewing equipment and all the other appliances needed to enjoy your club games. This includes indoor lighting for evening matches, fans to keep you cool as tempers flare in the living room and on the pitch, and of course your fridge ensuring a steady flow of chilled drinks.  The best part of this technology is that it is quick and easy to install.  Beyond the small matter of the world’s biggest game, solar finally provides millions of Nigerians with access to affordable and constant power. In this modern age of never-ending expenses, it’s rare to discover a solution to a major problem that puts money back into your pocket instead of perpetually taking from it.


So how much does it cost? It used to be the case that Solar Power companies would expect full payment for a Solar Home System which made the service inaccessible. In recent years the market has changed considerably with providers like Solynta Energy, Nigeria’s leading rooftop urban solar company, demanding as little as a 20% deposit.  A 25-year 500-watt starter system that can power lights, fan, TV and gadgets can be installed for an upfront cost of just N93,300 with 24 monthly repayments of N15,550. After this time the system fully belongs to the buyer. Warranty and maintenance are included with all their service.


Solynta is passionate about the potential of solar power to make a difference in Nigerian’s lives, ‘We are still at the very beginning of the narrative of solar for Nigerian’s. It’s a real opportunity to transform the lives of the average person who simply wants to enjoy the relaxation of a football game, the sleep of a heat-free night or the joy of freshly preserved food. Our focus is to keep adapting and growing our model to extend our service more widely and connect Nigeria to the rest of the world, in terms of quality of life and opportunities.


Get behind your club this season with a Solynta Solar Home System.


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