Don’t do it yourself when it comes to Energy Assessment – Get professional help

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Don’t do it yourself when it comes to Energy Assessment – Get professional help

What is an energy assessment?

An energy assessment is the most critical element in the process of ‘going solar.’ Any homeowner will, quite naturally, look at their budget and want to select a solar power system largely based on what they can afford. This would seem logical. In actuality, it is a recipe for disaster.

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If you are investing in a source of energy to carry you for the next 25-years, it’s imperative you get it right. That’s not to say that your budget is not a leading consideration, but the discussion on budget should be had only after you have been fully assessed and not before. What’s more, only seek an assessment from a reputable solar company that has an in-house team of experts.

Here’s what you should expect during your energy assessment:

1.An analysis of what you need to power including the wattage of your major appliances and the duration they are run. This information is necessary to understanding how much energy your home or business consumes

2.A recommendation of where you can make energy savings that will reduce the cost of going solar. This could range from replacing your traditional bulbs with energy efficient ones or even limiting the use of appliances that consume a lot of power such as air conditioning units

3.An explanation of how you can best manage your Solar Power System to ensure that you get reliable and constant energy. This may include powering heavy loads when the sun is at its peak or reducing the number of appliances you run when it is cloudy or when there is rain.

4. A final agreement on what your essential energy requirements are and how you will operate your system.Once this has been agreed then the right product can be formally recommended, and the cost implications explained.

5.A dependable company will also clearly set out your options if your energy needs change in future.

Fortunately, the young sales advisor managed to use his skill and persuasion to get his prospect to complete an energy audit. He did this by making her consider what would happen if she pulled out her cheque book only to be lumbered with a Solar Power System that didn’t seem to work. He made her realise that it would completely invalidate her investment and create a great amount of stress. Going solar should be a pleasure and not a pain. It should alleviate the stress of fueling and maintain a generator, not create difficulties. Once she understood this, it led to the best possible ending as the right steps had been taken to ensure her customer satisfaction.

So, an energy audit isn’t a herculean task. It’s taking some time out to answer a series of short questions to protect your money and ensure you get the 24-Hours affordable clean energy you’re been wanting for so long.

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