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Scientists in Warwick University(Uk) have produced a new  solar power device – a thin double-glazed window that uses gas to transport electrical energy,instead of vacuum.It has a dual pane device with its transparent outer part responsible for conducting electricity.The inner part- the photocathode  is that part that acts as a source of electron when it receives illumination from the sun.

These two panes are seperated by inert gas(argon).When sunlight hits the device, electrons are knocked out of the photocathode and bounce through the gas to the outer pane without being absorbed or lost.These electrons are then collected and the resultant electrical energy is pumped into the grid.It is an easier approach using (a gas-filled gap)this method,than a vacuum one as energy can be collected at ease.

It is also a novel one because it is outrightly different  when compared to the normal way electrons behave in regular solar panels.

Suprisingly,these ideas about the photoelectric effect dates back to the time of great scientists like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein who considered them for future use of modern solar power generation.

Although improvements in classic photovoltaics are hard to come by,this invention has given the solar industry another chance to improve solar power generation method .

In future when the technology is well established,it will enable production of more effective solar panels that will utilise all sunlight energy received.

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