Top Six Tips On How To Maximize The Use Of Your Solar Home System

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Your Solar Home System is an asset to have, and its worth your consideration.Hence,it needs to be used in the right capacity for long-lasting performance.Here are some tips on how to do that.


1.Dont overload your system with too many device,as it will run it down.For longer shelf life,use the appropriate volume of gadgets fitted for your home system

2.Use your Solar System to power your gadgets when the Sun is intense.in this way,you trap enough energy and store some for future use.


3.Ensure you  program your appliance to come on in your absence so as to store more power when you out.This may be a situation when the sun is intense


4. Vary how you power your device. Don’t use all your gadgets at the same time.It is likely to consume more energy and reduce the power you store for future use.More importantly,it is likely to weigh down your system


5. Reduce power consumption at night when the Sun is not out so as not to drain the stored power.


6. Study your solar panels that has more potential to absorb power and position them where it can be receptive to sunlight.

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  1. Muyiwa says:

    Solar monitor system is it with all your product or its on request? Am really feeling you keep up with the good works.

    • Solynta Energy says:

      Thanks for responding.We would likely include that addition in our paygo scheme by September this year.We’d like to keep in touch as well.

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