Solar vs Generator

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Solar vs Generator

While the nation continues to tackle the issue of power and its distribution, Nigerians have long since found alternative power sources. Most homes and businesses in the country rely on either a generator or solar energy. These two sources save most Nigerians the hassle and disappointment that accompanies reliance on the national grid.

However, when it comes to cost effectiveness, environmental and health consciousness, one of these sources presents more merits and security as against the other.

  • Generators require petrol or diesel to run and power your home. There is the presence of an exhaust pipe which gives of toxic fumes and even more of it when the generator is faulty. These fumes are contributing factors to the number respiratory challenges many Nigerians face. On the flip side, there are no emissions from a solar system due to its unique electric power creation and emissions. On the contrary, the technology is environmental friendly and is widely endorsed by western countrieswhere environmental policies are advanced.


  • The lifespan of an excellent performing generator in most cases does not exceed ten years (with a warranty of two years) This is because, the machine is highly subject to wear and devaluation. In a country like ours where fixing and maintenance of such appliances is majorly done by apprentices, the life span of generators are much shorter than expectations. This is another reason why research and statistics show that Nigerians spend about $14 billion on just generators alone per annum. Solar systems do not present the same financially abusive tendencies. For starters, the warranty of a solar panels spans as long as twenty years. The maintenance of your solar system is handled by professional electrical engineers  who have been taught properly how to handle the technology – therefore the owner is faced with a lesser risk.
  • The widely believed myth is that solar systems are an expensive upfront. However, the cost effectiveness of the technology cannot be overemphasized. A solar system renders free electricity to your home after paying off the company which provides affordable monthly payments over a period of time which is tailored to your convenience. A generator in most cases requires a one-off payment for ownership. After which, the machine subjects you the continuously hiked tariffs on petrol, diesel and engine oil. And in a country like ours where these goods are not subsidized, that is a lot on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. And this still excludes the continuous payments one must make to a handy man who may or may not fix your generator properly!
  • Not only do generators emit toxic fumes, they are also You will relate very well to this if you have every had to sleep in a room facing the generator house. Whereas solar systems are noiseless and effective.


The list of benefits of solar over generator could go on without exhaustion. The fact is, generators are significantly expensive to run, and a whole lot of hassle to maintain. Relying on a  solar system as your major source of energy will save you a whole lot of stress, frustration and money and the technology is environment friendly and reliable.



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