The Top 3 Solar Questions from Homeowners

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The Top 3 Solar Questions from Homeowners

As a solar company, we address questions and concerns as regards solar energy panels from homeowners. These questions range from the informational “How does solar work?”, “How efficient are solar panels?”.

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The questions are numerous and can go an inexhaustible list, because this form of technology is relatively new to a number of people (even though, ironically, the sun is one of the oldest and most reliable sources of energy to mankind).

The following are some of the most popular questions the team fields from those looking to go solar, enjoy uninterrupted power supply and save money on their energy bill while helping making the environment more eco-friendly by reducing carbon emissions.

Q 1: “Is Solar really a free source of energy?”

Unfortunately, there are many misleading ads and conversations outthere suggesting that solar is free. The fact is, we do not have to pay bills to the sun for supplying us with energy on a daily, monthly or annual basis. To purchase and mount solar systems your homes, there will be payment of the materials and workmanship. However, these are all properly tailored by most trusted solar companies to suite every homeowner’s budget and needs. In most cases, you are allowed to pay for the materials purchased over a period of time. After the payment for the materials is concluded, you enjoy free electricity as your home is powered directly from the sun.

Q 2: “Why is solar so expensive?”

This has to be the most stressed question. And the reality is, solar is a high value investment like purchasing a car or a home. Even in more developed countries, you would find that the outright cost of a solar home system is quite inaccessible to many. The differentiating factor is the easy availability of credit overseas which allows consumers to key into the product. Fortunately, a relatively recent shift means that most, if not all reputable solar companies ensure to tailor a comfortable payment plan peculiar to each client.

In addition, solar panels are meticulously designed and tested for long-term reliability. The typical solar panel is set with a warranty for at least 25 years.

An investment with such an extensive life span that requires only a short term installment payment is definitely an awesome one.

Q 3: What is the best option for installing solar panels with my budget?

It is wise to prioritize going solar today because fueling and maintaining a generator is an endless burden. The sooner you go solar the quicker you can realize significant savings that can be invested in other areas of your life. While you can definitely pay for your solar installation up front, most home and business owners do have that kind of cash sitting around

A solar loan could be a light way to finance your purchase on a solar system and own it by making monthly payments over time. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of using your solar energy while you pay your loan off. The monthly repayments are quite affordable and there is so much to enjoy from just this simple decision of choosing solar. For one, you’ll enjoy lower electricity bills and after 2-4 years have no energy bills whatsoever. Your quality of life and property value will also improve.

This option is becoming increasingly popular as more solar companies in the industry offer the option to “pay in installments” over a comfortable period of time.  The most advisable option is to partner with a trusted solar provider. Not only will they be able to educate you on how much power your structure requires, but also (in some cases) take on all the upfront costs of installation, and you can enjoy lower electricity bills every month. You also score a low fixed electricity rate and take on zero of the expenses.

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