Top Ten Reasons Why Solar is Preferable

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Solar is a form of power that gets its energy from the Sun. Through its panels, it is fast becoming a common sight in most households in Nigeria

However, there are some reasons that make it standout from other Sources of Power.

They are:

  1. It has a renewable energy source. The sun is always present (even on the cloudiest of days) and provides unlight for conversion into electricity.
  2. It is eco-friendly and does not produce harmful gases. Hence, its usage creates no greenhouse effect
  3. It is durable and last long. Most Home systems (Solar Systems) that provide power) come with a minimum of 20-25 years. Therefore, they stay long enough to give value to their owners.
  4. It is easy to install and require few bolts to hang its panels.
  5. it’s can be installed anywhere there are open spaces or exposure to Sunlight
  6. It requires low and stress-free maintenance.
  7. Solar utilizes lower voltage (12 to 24 DC on the average) meaning that there will be safer usage and installation.
  8. It allows for Savings on energy through utilization of low powered items such as LED/CFL lamps

and other devices that do not require much energy to be powered.

  1. It comes with batteries that serve as backup for power (for a minimum of three days) when the sun goes out.
  2. It is a Cheaper and cleaner source of energy than other sources such as fuel, wood etc.

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