What The Nigerian Government Should Be Doing To Provide Stable Power.

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Solar is getting more popular and gradually becoming the mainstay of power generation. More investors and stake holders are trooping in to expand the industry and take advantage of the opportunities and benefits that comes with it. But however, it is the government that should champion this cause more than any other stake holder.

The C.E.O of Abitech College Ikorodu,has advised the federal Government to embrace solar as a support to local electricity supply.


Speaking at the end of the year graduation of Abitech college – Ikorodu, Mr imothy Obano(The C.E.O) urged the Federal Government  to invest in solar as a way to make up for the current power deficit in the country.

He said the potential for Solar as the mainstay of power generation is enormous.

Currently in the College, there is ongoing renewable energy  scheme  to train students and prepare them for employment as workers and employers of labour.

He also said that Nigeria has an energy deficit of 170,000 megawatts that can be filled in with solar energy if looked upon to fill the gap.Refuting claims that solar is expensive, Obano explained that the new innovations in battery storage and the falling cost of solar panel technology had made solar increasingly accessible in Nigeria.










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