Reasons Why Africans Should Embrace Solar For 24 hrs Electricity

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Reasons Why Africans Should Embrace Solar For 24 hrs Electricity

Solar power is a recent but established source of power generation in Africa. The slow embrace of it by its people is due to an inherent human nature that is resistant to change. They are already at home with fossil fuel generators along with its series of problems. As a result, they are skeptical to explore new opportunities and face newer challenges there might be. Fortunately, the situation is not really bleak as it seems. Solar power is devoid of most  issues encountered when compared with using fossil-fueled generators and is better. How?

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Using the case of developed countries as a point of reference, it has already been established that it is far cheaper to go Solar when compared to other choice of power  generation. The average unit cost of generating electricity with solar is =N=18/Kwh while PHCN is =N=23/Kwh and for generators is =N=200/Kwh.

That is why a Country like China is always building and upgrading their solar grid capacity by 5000 MGW every month. At the moment, they and Germany are already generating in their Gigawatts due to the comparative cost advantage.



Another Advantage for Africa lies in the climatic factor. Africa has more sun than any other part of the world thereby making it possible for Africa to bank on Solar for their future energy generation.



Environmental Pollution has become a sad phenomenon in Africa due to the poisonous gas emission from diesel and petrol generators. This poisonous gases released from generators is very dangerous to health and is majorly responsible for cancer of the Blood – an epidemic that which has drastically reduced the African population.In the light of this, the African continent can not continually depend on a solution that would gradually deny them their future population. it is only reasonable to have a better solution that is safe and environmentally friendly like solar to save the future of Africa



Unemployment is another great problem facing the African society and is likely to be solved if Solar solution is embraced in Africa. It would create more jobs and very likely reduce the level of poverty.



Solar panels are built to last for decades before major maintenance are done on them.Currently,the minimum warranty on solar panels is 25 years.

Undeniably,solar is the present and future of African power generation.

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