6 Tips to Find the Perfect Solar Installer

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6 Tips to Find the Perfect Solar Installer

Solar is a booming industry. New companies and contractors are popping up every day to get in on the action. If you use Yelp to search for “solar installation” in the San Francisco Bay area, you’ll get nearly 500 results. With hundreds of hit or miss options, what’s next?

Let’s narrow down the field of potential solar contractors so you can start generating clean energy without worrying about what’s happening to your roof.

Find out which types of solar systems they offer

There are many pieces of hardware involved in a home solar installation. Solar panels, inverters, wiring and cables. Many (even most) solar installation companies tend to put solar components together without testing how they’ll really perform in the real world. This may cause problems. Not just problems in the initial installation, but down the road in terms of overall system performance.

Make sure your installers are using quality equipment that works well together. They should be able to provide you with an accurate energy estimate for how much your system will produce each year. If you choose wisely, it’s likely that your system will be generating energy for decades. (If you choose a Solynta solar system, it’s likely to be over 25 years.

Find out how long they’ve been installing solar

Yes, it’s true that every master was once a beginner. However, experience matters in solar. When people are attaching heavy equipment to your roof, tying it to your electrical system, you want someone who knows what they’re doing.

Another common practice is subcontracting. Ask if they use subcontractors for different parts of the installation. Checking the credentials of the core company isn’t as meaningful if people who don’t have the same credentials install the system. Simplify the process and have peace of mind by choosing a company that can manage your project from start to finish, including design, installation, permits and system maintenance.

Find out what is under warranty and how long

There’s nothing worse than getting everything installed and then finding out that your solar system isn’t working like it should be. A great way to compare solar installation companies is to ask them about what happens when something goes wrong.

 Find out what your payment options are

There are many ways to pay for a home solar system, but not all companies offer every option. Some offer PAYGO solar system which Solynta Energy provides, Leasing isn’t for everyone. Ask the solar installation company up front for their available options so you can compare them to other bids you’ll receive. Find out how you can monitor your system’s performance

Getting solar installed is as straightforward as getting  set up with DSTV or GoTV. A reputable company Solynta Energy will complete your PAYGO solar installation without stress.

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